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Hello, and welcome to kedar.kanitkar.com! My name is Kedar Kanitkar, and coincidentally enough (or perhaps not), this is my homepage. I'm a student at UC Berkeley (go Bears), studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Anyways, the primary purpose of this site is to distribute some of the programs I have written. Most of them are random little games or utilities, while a few are more developed applications. I have primarily programmed in Visual Basic, so most of my programs are only Windows-based. However, I have been working with Java programming a lot recently, which is one reason why this site is JSP-based. The Java-based programs available on this site will run on any operating system.

I am constantly debugging and adding programs, so please check back here for updates. Also, if you find a bug or glitch in one of my programs or simply have some suggestions or comments, do not hesitate to send me an email.

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